Protractor & BrowserStack from behind a firewall/proxy

We  adopted these on our project and as usual I found myself fighting the proxy setting and the config to make these play nice. The pointers I found online were rather incomplete. So here you go. Hopes it saves you some time and head bashing! GitHub Gist


Using node-sass behind a firewall

LibSass is written in C/C++. It offers various wrappers for use, including node-sass. npm install node-sass pulls the pre-built Sass lib from GitHub. This won't work you in a corporate network. You will typically see this error: This could mean that the proxy is not right but it is also likely that the corporate network … Continue reading Using node-sass behind a firewall

Notes from NYC AgileDay2015

Self managed org.Doug Kirkpatrick Alternate system to traditional bureaucracy Only 29% of the employees are engaged Claims to have setup ad run a large factory without any bosses - self managed - Morning star Human beings are the ultimate movers - org is just a structure to facilitate Millennials are used to instant communication - … Continue reading Notes from NYC AgileDay2015