Generating update DDL with Hibernate

Recently I was putting some discipline around out DB schema management process. There are good choices like Flyway. The main gap though is that it still expects you to write update DDL by hand and who wants to do that! You can use several schema diff tools like RedGate and Devart but these are not … Continue reading Generating update DDL with Hibernate


Protractor & BrowserStack from behind a firewall/proxy

We  adopted these on our project and as usual I found myself fighting the proxy setting and the config to make these play nice. The pointers I found online were rather incomplete. So here you go. Hopes it saves you some time and head bashing! GitHub Gist

Notes from NYC AgileDay2015

Self managed org.Doug Kirkpatrick Alternate system to traditional bureaucracy Only 29% of the employees are engaged Claims to have setup ad run a large factory without any bosses - self managed - Morning star Human beings are the ultimate movers - org is just a structure to facilitate Millennials are used to instant communication - … Continue reading Notes from NYC AgileDay2015