Performance: Vertx vs Tomcat

Comparing relative performance of Vertx and Tomcat for blocking operations


Knockout JS – Separate Model from View Model

Knockout JS follows a MVVM approach. In the simple examples the ViewModel seems to hold two kinds of things: attributes of the Model object functions operating on the Model - typically via GUI interaction While this is fine for smaller apps, as apps get bigger there is a growing need to define the Model clearly and … Continue reading Knockout JS – Separate Model from View Model

Choosing a JS MV* framework

JavaScript frameworks these days remind me of early J2EE days. The first headache is sifting through and choosing (hopefully) the right framework. The task is made more difficult since there are several excellent contenders. I narrowed it down to three:  AngularJS Pros: Backed by Google and some pretty smart people. Complete solution with MV*, binding … Continue reading Choosing a JS MV* framework

Apache Kafka

Apache Kafka - a distributed messaging system. You can read all about in the design docs, so I am not going to repeat here. Looks very promising. Points worth noting: Simplicity of the approach. Leveraging HDD write semantics. An alternate approach to spending tons on $$$ on SSD. Highlights the importance of understanding the hardware we work with as Software … Continue reading Apache Kafka