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Haskell walkthrough – II

Pattern matching in functions One of the big ideas in Haskell is to do pattern matching. Basically you match fn arguments against known patterns. Then you do something for each match. This is useful in breaking out the cases which … Continue reading

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Haskell Walkthrough – I

Started checking out Haskell recently. I chose the Learn you a Haskell for great good book as my guide. Language philosophy Purely functional, which basically means the following: No side effects: Function does one thing only. If you give it … Continue reading

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Apache Kafka

Apache Kafka – a distributed messaging system. You can read all about in the design docs, so I am not going to repeat here. Looks very promising. Points worth noting: Simplicity of the approach. Leveraging HDD write semantics. An alternate approach to spending … Continue reading

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Want to learn…

I recently heard about this web site on Colbert Report – This guy, Salman Khan, was a fund manager, started making small educational videos for friends. This is now a full blown team and they make awesome, high quality, … Continue reading

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