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Using node-sass behind a firewall

LibSass is written in C/C++. It offers various wrappers for use, including node-sass. npm install node-sass pulls the pre-built Sass lib from GitHub. This won’t work you in a corporate network. You will typically see this error: This could mean … Continue reading

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Knockout and React together

Using KnockoutJs and ReactJs together. Continue reading

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Site Reliability Engineering @ Google

  Overall, great write up. As an engineer mostly involved on the build side it introduced me to a number of good ideas and confirmed others. It’s Google DevOps++. Here is a quick bite-sized packaging of the main takeaways. Watch … Continue reading

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Kotlin … first impressions

In case you missed it, Kotlin is a relatively new JVM language from JetBrains (creators of IntelliJ). It compiles down to Java and largely aims to be a better Java. Language philosophy tweaks  Everything doesn’t have to be a class … Continue reading

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Why does everything (say Foo) need to have an interface … IFoo … can you come up with three possible implementations you need over the next 3 months in a minute? If you can’t… then you don’t need the interface. … Continue reading

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Notes from NYC AgileDay 2015

Scaling Agile @Spotify Squad – Should feel like a startup – Distributed! – Usually aligned by feature – End to end responsibility – Include deploy n support? Chapter – Do have a chapter lead – Servant leader – Management is … Continue reading

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Notes from NYC AgileDay2015

Self managed org.Doug Kirkpatrick Alternate system to traditional bureaucracy Only 29% of the employees are engaged Claims to have setup ad run a large factory without any bosses – self managed – Morning star Human beings are the ultimate movers … Continue reading

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