Kotlin … first impressions

In case you missed it, Kotlin is a relatively new JVM language from JetBrains (creators of IntelliJ). It compiles down to Java and largely aims to be a better Java.

Language philosophy tweaks 

Everything doesn’t have to be a class

6-8-2016 4-40-36 PM

NPE safety

6-8-2016 4-45-42 PM

this will resolve the property chain without blowing up in case of a NPE
If a variable is defined as not null safe (using the ? operator), Kotlin keeps track of
potential NPEs for you, nice.

6-8-2016 4-46-37 PM.png

I haven’t checked out yet but Kotlin also has true Closures (which capture scope).

Smooth over Java’s annoyances

Goodbye annoying String additions

6-8-2016 4-41-56 PM

Goodbye verbose collections

6-8-2016 4-47-46 PM

Type inference… finally

Tooling and interoperability

IntelliJ tooling and Java interoperability is seamless

6-8-2016 4-43-30 PM

Kotlin is a joy to use. Its got a Python like flavor with a pragmatic approach.
I like it so far.


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