Notes from NYC AgileDay2015

Self managed org.Doug Kirkpatrick

Alternate system to traditional bureaucracy

Only 29% of the employees are engaged
Claims to have setup ad run a large factory without any bosses – self managed – Morning star
Human beings are the ultimate movers – org is just a structure to facilitate

Millennials are used to instant communication

– Don’t work well with chains of command, waits and approvals
– Think Fractal in terms of scaling out

Total responsibility

– Do not get to ignore things which come up in your scope of the world

Freedom to lead and innovate > Autonomy

– Propose an idea and be able to run with it through to the end
– Doesn’t depend on your rank or place in the company
– Colleague pitch in to drive the change
– No inherent barriers

Everyone has an overarching mission

– And a personal mission …
– Why are you here?
– What does excellence look like?

Support/check n balances system of colleagues

– Colleague ‘letter of understanding’ is the cornerstone
– Most important decision have to go via peers/have their blessing
– Commitment should be clear and transparent – honoring them is vital
– People self appraise and determine how they can get closer to excellence
– Benchmark is excellence – mastery at your process
– Drive org from core principles
– Do not have to worry about policies and restrictions
– Self management is power itself – is not revocable
– No one can unilaterally fire anyone

Everyone is a professional

– Paid well and expected to excel
– No distinction between man. and workers (white vs blue)

Emphasis on anticipating the rocky start – Saturn video


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