Notes from NYC AgileDay 2015

Scaling Agile @Spotify


– Should feel like a startup
– Distributed!
– Usually aligned by feature
– End to end responsibility – Include deploy n support?


– Do have a chapter lead
– Servant leader
– Management is still hands on – BA manages BAs and so on

Management structure is feature oriented

РStill have traditional functions Рexample managing building seating


– Are organic – Reddit model – they die out or are born – so motivated community can drive
– Community might not be working because people don’t want to do that!

Alignment vs Autonomy

– Aiming for Autonomous but aligned
– Low/no barriers to communicating between Squads/Guilds/etc. – people try and actively connect

Disseminate top level info to the squads so they could shuffle their own work ***

– Town hall, wiki, email
– Strategic docs are distributed to everyone > so teams can adjust
– People take on tasks because they *want* to take on those tasks > not because X said so


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