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Been on Python for a few months.  After the initial bump (10 yrs of Java, mandatory indents, peppering of `self` all over OO) I rather like it now. It’s pretty easy to write clean, almost DSL like code.

okToDisplay = lambda book: book.Type not in ('Inventory', 'Customer') and not isTest(book)
groupPosBy  = {'Tranche': positionsForBookByTranche}[groupBy]
return [groupPosBy(book) for book in books if okToDisplay(book)]

lambda (anonymous functions) and compact iteration (list comprehension) are very handy. The map (dictionary) of functions patters virtually eliminates the need for switch. We don’t have a single switch in our whole app !
Don’t even bother thinking how much code that would be in Java 😉


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