RIA Test review

My team has been looking for a good Flex automation/functional test tool for a while. In the most recent pass I evaluated FlexMonkey, RIATest and QTP. RIA Test came out at the top. Check out their website.

Our product is built on Java server + Flex UI + Abobe Livecycle data services. Its reasonably complicated. To give you an idea of size its about 20000 lines of code, excluding dependencies.

Locating objects/widgets


RIATest has options to generate the full path or the minimum necessary path. Both options seemed to work well. The script has a custom syntax for these ‘locators’. Something like FlexBox()->FlexButton()=>click()

  1. Locators can also work off RegEx. Flexible.
  2. Exposes a lot a properties on the controls
  3. Especially features for DataGrid



Scripting support


Simple and sufficient for most purposes. Its a small subset of ActionScript. It supports basic language constructs loops, conditionals, variables, functions. Some other useful features are:

  1. Assetions for tests
  2. waitfor feature, which can be used to wait for certain controls to become visible etc.
  3. Ability to call external an external process
  4. Integration with Browser, CSV files.

Cons: No support for classes in code.



Comes with its own IDE. Its simple and does the job. Has handy features like code completion, syntax highlighting, recording and playback and a test results view.


The project structure does not seem to mimic file system structure. The project keeps track of structure internally



Not free but much cheaper than some of the rivals. ~ $1400 for a floating license.

Build integration


Can be launched via command line or ant task.

Returns exit codes indicating success, failure or other problems during the run.

Cons: No Maven support



Online help. Forums are monitored and responsive


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