Reduce photo sizes

I find myself needing to reduce photo sizes very often these days. Thanks to my 4 days old son and new 14 mega pix camera – Cannon PowerShot SX210IS.  I threw a script together quickly to process whole jpg folders in one shot. Now I can upload/email much faster. I use SugarSync for long term archival.


echo -e "\nReduces the size of all jpg files in the current dir to 20% of original"
echo -e "You must have imagemagick installed"
echo -e "=========================================================================\n"
echo -e "New images will be placed in subdirectory named 'small'\n"

if [ ! -e "small" ]
mkdir small;

for file in *.jpg;
echo converting "$file"
convert "$file" -resize 20% small/"$file";
echo "Finished"


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